What is Kodo Healing?

Kodo Healing is a holistic healing technique that fuses the symbolic art and properties of aromatherapy with the channeling of the universal life force of Reiki in connection with ancestral breathwork exercises.
​With Kodo Healing, we gain the ability to control the Universal Energy (Ki), cleanse, purify, and align our chakras (energy centers), remove energy blockages, restore positive energy flow, and thus heal and restore our health and vitality. The Kodo Healing method consists of awakening all our senses to the breath and connecting the divine properties of the essential oils, raising the energy and frequency of the physical and etheric body to higher vibrational levels.

Benefits of Kodo Healing:

More studies identify or relate diseases with energy imbalances and disorders of mental, emotional, and physical manifestations every day.
Energy is related to everything in life, whether it’s money, relationships, or, more profoundly, overall health. That is why we must learn how to work with energy to improve our lives in all aspects. Kodo Healing acts on a physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental level; it takes us back to the ideal levels, restoring the energy flow to its natural state of balance, proving a feeling of well-being and joy.
It serves to heal and harmonize the chakras, making our auras more luminous and firmer, thus activating our pineal and pituitary glands to enhance our ability to make better decisions improving our lives.

The positive flow of Universal Energy eliminates muscle strains, provides more vitality and tremendous energy, reduces fatigue, and raises our morale and spirits. We unblock repressed emotions by releasing what we don’t need and strengthening our self-esteem. Reduce worries and anxiety, thanks to extreme relaxation, which lowers the heart rate and promotes serenity and peacefulness.
Through the activation of the chakras and essential oils, some people manage to have visions, see colors in the auric field, and obtain answers to their existential questions since Kodo Healing promotes energy, mental and spiritual clarity.

Who can use this method?

Anyone can use the Kodo Healing Method. There is a protocol, a technique, and a spiritual initiation within this knowledge imparted by the Masters. The Kodo Healing adds the ancestral wisdom of energy transfer and accompanies other holistic healing techniques.
Kodo Healing is the perfect approach to wellness.

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We implement Kodo Healing to expand our human capabilities.
This method allows us to unify our left and right hemispheres and activate our innate power to manifest and promote creativity and extra focus.
The origin of the Kodo Practice comes from Japan, where royal families practiced the ancient Kodo ceremonial to embrace the properties of fragrances, raising the electromagnetic frequencies of our bodies and providing harmony and balance.

​From this ancestral practice comes its name and its energetic foundations that, today, in combination with Reiki and Aromatherapy, give us deep knowledge to exercise self-healing and be a channel to heal others.

What is Kodo Healing used for?
To heal ourselves and heal others.

Connecting with Crystals

During this hands-on crystal workshop on personal healing, you will learn how crystals can help balance and harmonize your human energy body. The various stones will be discussed according to the chakras. We will learn how to lay on stones for personal healing and personal grids during this class. Find out how guided meditations and crystal sound impact your mental, emotional, and physical systems. Having these dynamic life helpers as friends is a powerful experience! Find out how powerful sacred geometry is when used with crystals. Creating crystal grids with specific geometric shapes will help you achieve your goals. Discover the most common forms of crystal grids and physically experience their differences with the assistance of singing crystal bowl meditations. We will use intention, meditation, sacred geometry, crystals, and healing gemstones to create prosperity, love, and health grids. Suppose you feel a sense of scarcity, financial abundance, success in your endeavors, romantic love, self-love, self-esteem, a loving family environment, friendship, health, or karmic issues. In that case, this course will teach you how to create and charge your crystal grids to improve your life.
In this workshop, you will: Discover the extraordinary world of crystals and learn all their benefits Learn how to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals for specific purposes Discover how to use crystals to open your chakras and activate your Chi (energy flow) Learn how to create a crystal grid for healing and empowerment


“Pinnacle of Light”
DNA Activation of Spiritual Purpose
“Igniting the Light Within”
Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

We have crafted a powerful, enlightening mystic retreat from many different spiritual practices to reconnect our ancestral memory embedded in our DNA to our current spiritual mission and harmonize with the magic of our beloved mother nature.

The quantum code activation will be an unforgettable transformational experience—an alignment to gateways and portals of other dimensions.

We have chosen to do this on the most energetic pinnacle of light in the south: the great Pilot Mountain. A holy sacred Cherokee enclave where the ley lines meet on the galactic grid, allowing the activation to develop deeper awareness and understanding of our purpose here on earth. This place is also the mirror of the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, west, the Base Pyramid of Native Americans, and the mirror of the great solar vortex Machu Picchu in Perú. The Mountain, also called “Heart” or “Mountain Guide,” contains a high percentage of quartz on its slopes, the same as Machu Picchu in Perú. The energy that exists there is intense and very powerful.
If you are at all receptive, you will feel it. Likewise, we will experience some of the most intensely powerful love energy we have ever felt during this activation.

  • Attunement to Quantum Codes
  • Crystal Activation Ceremony
  • Sacred Dances of the Elements
Outdoor Workshop in the Cherokee sacred mountains of North Carolina-Full Day

This is a mystical journey, spiritual energy initiations, deep reconnection with oneself to be aligned with higher vibrational frequencies that will allow us to expand, transform our life from the inside out. All you need for this unforgettable experience is to open your heart, come with an open mind to live a happy weekend that will transform your life forever!

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