Pilot Mountain State Park will be the site of a planetary ceremony that starts at 1 pm.
There will be many other groups participating worldwide, and everyone will synchronize at 2 pm. Our plan involves connecting with the 22222 vortexes of heart consciousness.

All participants would receive chakra alignments, cleansings, and energy attunements.
This ceremony would last until 4 pm.

Due to the fact that some people have knee problems, we will be using the space closer to the parking lot; this way, you can quickly get to your car if you need to.
Dress comfortably (preferably white or light colors to work our frequencies better). You may want to grab a blanket since it will be colder up there, and we will stay awhile. Please bring water, snacks, any instruments you would like to play, crystals, singing bowls, sage wands, etc. Let’s celebrate Mother Earth together!
Please let me know ahead of time if you need the carpool from Fayetteville.
For those who wish to stay overnight, the Econo Lodge is a great option; the owners welcome us with joy and are very clean and economical.

Plan and prepare your hearts for the experience.

Please share with mind alike individuals since this is a UNIQUE event.


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