Claudia Zamora was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She currently resides in North Carolina, USA, and mainly focuses on caring for her family and is dedicated to her work as a Life Coach, Professional Reiki Master Instructor, Psychic Visionary, Workshop Facilitator, and Published Author.

Curiosity and fascination with esoteric and spiritual traditions, together with the desire to understand the essence of the human soul, have always been present in her life trajectory, taking her through a comprehensive self-knowledge research and training journey in different spiritual and initial practices and techniques. In other chapters of her professional career, this time related to leadership and female empowerment, Claudia’s life course has been intricately associated with children’s and youth education in Latin America, as an author of publications on the development of new educational programs and a consultant to seminars on teacher training, women leadership, and human resources.
Traveling through Latin America, Claudia was able to establish connections with indigenous communities in El Salvador, Chile, and México. She is given shamanic initiations and the Woman’s Command Staff of Honor, which she will use to spread a message of love and unity throughout the planet.

Claudia spent much of her time during those years studying and perfecting healing techniques including Psychology, Hypnosis, NLP Life Coaching, Master Reiki, Magnified Healing, and MayaAstek in all seven levels and becoming fully immersed in the world of Tarot and Kabala.
As of 2001, Claudia established her residency in the United States, where she promoted spiritual awakening and healing work from her Miami-based Spiritual Gym Center. In conjunction with other women, they celebrate women’s empowerment through the circles, and their community becomes more active through the online format with courses, talks, and workshops.

Zamora is a vivid example of the spiritual restlessness that humanity is experiencing in the 21st century and the global efforts being made to find solutions that will allow us to integrate a magical inner space with our everyday lives. In order to open, awaken, and experience the path of human consciousness development, she focuses on a message of spiritual clarity, highlighting balance, reliability, and internal expansion.

My connection to the universe has been intense since I was a child.
I have the ability to pick up information and feelings from people, vibrations, and messages from spirits and souls. With my gifts, I want to provide you with the information you need, whether it is related to your present, past, or future. I have found that many people already possess the knowledge they seek deep within themselves and only need the proper spiritual guidance to find the answers.


If you feel like you need guidance, you don’t have to face your difficulties alone. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today and begin healing.

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